22 January 2012

Upcoming Giveaways

Joining giveaway hops has been very addicting for me. Since the New Year started I have joined in various hops and sponsored some giveaways as well. I have heard from some bloggers that they felt the same way that's why they take advantage of  every opportunity they get to join and sponsor giveaway hops.

The same goes for me, of course aside from gaining new followers and increasing blog traffic, I also get to meet a lot of other bloggers and discover blogs that I enjoy reading and find very informative. 

Here are some upcoming giveaways that you can look out for, if you wanted to sign up as a sponsor you can do so by clicking the badges below :

Chinese New Year Giveaway is sponsored by I Heart Giveaways and The Coffee Chic. Giveaway will run from January 23-29 2012. If you want to sign up head to the blogs mentioned above or use this form.

Random Acts of Kindness is a cash giveaway event sponsored by Coupons for Wisconsin which will be open for entries on February 10-16. There will be one grand prize shared across all of the blogs that participate. Winner will will be drawn and announced on February 17-Random Acts of Kindness Day. 
Fill out this form for sign ups or hit the button above for more information.

Now if you just wanna join you know when to get back here and join these giveaways!

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