29 October 2011

pink fridays #94 sanrio

I belong to Sanrio kids generation. As far as I can remember, Hello Kitty and friends are so famous during my time (well actually until now amidst the wide choice of characters), the only difference is that I think it was cheaper those days and everything was original-no imitations you get the authentic Sanrio brand stamped on the products. 
I found this online store in Facebook which sells authentic Sanrio items and ordered this cute little mesh bag which can be used as coin purse or container of little things.

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Katya kate said...

I love Sanrio too! This cute pink coin purse is so cute :)
visiting you from PF :)

Prettymom said...

cute share, mine is up at, hope to see..

cassandrasminicorner said...

Just bought my daughter a sanrio ear muff. That's a cute purse..

Visiting from PF!

Hope you can visit me too:)

wifetoalineman02 said...

cute purse, loved Hello Kitty when I was a little girl :-) wish I can afford it for my little girl. Visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

KM said...

we belong in the same generation, then :) but i never got the luxury of these things when i was a kid ^^

thanks for visiting my PF entry :)

see you around!

Mai @ Redlane Geraine said...

I don't know if we're in the same generation but I remember Sanrio products back then. In our school,you're so cool when you have one of those. Thanks for the visit, sis!

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