08 October 2011

excited for BC Bloggers

I was excited when I saw that BC Bloggers is back. Honestly, when I first started with blogging, I have been searching all over on how to join this group, it is because I was so intrigued with this badge that I see on different blogs that I visit. Unfortunately I cannot find any clue. The last one I came closest to was a link way back in July a time when I was still just starting out with 'formal' blogging. But then it said that the group was already closed. So since then, I have always been on the look out for the next batch of BC Bloggers.
Well, then it came, I stumbled upon it. I admit, that as a 'newbie' in blogging, I would like to link my blog with other cool and awesome blogs and I think that being part of BC Bloggers will definitely help me do it aside from the fact that I started joining blogging memes which I am starting to love.

With BC Blogger's motto "We don't have to beg for links", it is because it provides a three way link exchange and not a simple ex-linking with other blogs.

Now BC Bloggers has opened it door again till October15, enough time for you to join. Now for more details you can check out MOMMY DIARY or click the BC Bloggers badge above.

I guess we'll be linking up with eachother?

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