07 January 2012

My Own Business Someday

I am excited for 2012 since I know that it poses a lot of possibilities and opportunities. Aside from our own home (which is a plan in the making for me and my husband), one of the things I really dream of having someday is my own business.
Having grown in a family of good cooks, my brother and I had been dreaming of owning a restaurant in the future. It had been our dream since then. I think we got the inspiration from our mom who loves to cook. We grew up tasting different kinds of dishes and being exposed to cooking. that is why even if we're left home alone  back then (during our growing up years) we will still survive and not starve ourselves to death as long as there's food in the fridge. 

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I cannot say I have a clear/good palate, but I surely know when a food tastes good or not. This is also the same reason why I got interested in cooking. No one really taught me how to, not even my mom. What I did was watch her during her meal preparation at home and I was only able to practice and put into use everything I learned when I went away to college. I had more practice of my own cooking when I started working in Manila and lived on my own.  
The "dream restaurant" we have still remains a dream but I know that in time we will be able to fulfill it. This is actually a project of ours in progress, meaning we are still saving up for it. But meanwhile, we still have a lot to learn before we get fully operational in this field. We need to learn the tricks of the trade like supplier management in order for us to be successful when we finally venture into the business.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for supplier management and was compensated. However, all the views and opinions are my own.

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Timeless Confection said...

Happy new year to you sis! I'm so rooting for this biz to take shape in the near future!!!! By the way,I would like to invite you to my give-away featuring stuffs from coastal scents, urban decay, soap & glory and h&m. here's the link: thank you so much! have a great day!

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