07 January 2012

Preserving Memories

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I love pictures!I remember saving up for a digital camera when it was still a little pricey. My first one was a Canon A-430 which is a 5MP camera, and I remember I was so proud of it that time! I like to take pictures to capture moments that will forever be gone.

The only problem with digital revolution now is that we don't put pictures in photo albums anymore, instead we use online/digital albums and also those that of social networking sites. Aside from that many of us don't use the traditional picture frames nyc since digital frames are already available. 

Well I can say that technology is actually good, because with it we can do a lot of things. We can make alterations on images, we can repair damaged photos and we can enhance those that need more color and a lot more other things. The only downfall I see on this is that we tend to neglect the beautiful art of custom framing nyc for our pictures-like our graduation, wedding and birthday photos. 

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Let me share this with you, I remember my mom has complete set of pictures of me and brother since we were babies, mind you we didn't own a camera that time. She just borrowed during special occasions like our birthdays from a relative who is much better off. But much to my dismay, during a strong typhoon in 1989, we experienced flood. Everything was wet including those pictures and I was only able to salvage a few. I efficiently sun-dried those that are still intact. Those pictures were priceless! But because there were no back ups then, everything was gone forever. 

So now that I am a mom, I make sure that every milestone of my child is captured. I made sure that everything is well documented and I have a ready-backup just in case something goes wrong and for me that's one good way of preserving memories.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for custom framing nyc and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are 100% my own. 

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