30 October 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #27

It is Halloween Week!It's a spooky week for Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #27, so welcome to another round of blog hopping!
This week's task will be FACEBOOK LIKES.
Participants just need to make a blog post with our WBFC Badge to welcome all other participants. Just make sure that you place a link of your Facebook Fan Page on your post to make it hassle-free for your followers. Submit your blog post's URL to, then visit other participating blogs and leave a comment at their welcome posts. For more information you can go to the above link or just click on the badge below: 

Thanks to this week's sponsors Work at Home Wife and Mother and Stay at Home Wife and Mother for providing the $5 prize each for 2 lucky participants, yipee!

Now for my fellow participants, you can click Of Limes and Lemons to like my Facebook Page or if you want you can use the button located at the sidebar.

29 October 2011

pink fridays #94 sanrio

I belong to Sanrio kids generation. As far as I can remember, Hello Kitty and friends are so famous during my time (well actually until now amidst the wide choice of characters), the only difference is that I think it was cheaper those days and everything was original-no imitations you get the authentic Sanrio brand stamped on the products. 
I found this online store in Facebook which sells authentic Sanrio items and ordered this cute little mesh bag which can be used as coin purse or container of little things.

This is my week's entry for 

What's yours?

sunshine babies boutique giveaway

I am happy to see another giveaway by Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. This time she has Sunshine Babies to sponsor a Baby Bond Nursing Wear and a Milk Band to the lucky winner.

BABY BOND is a unique cover as it covers the mom and not the baby. Mom is able to maintain her modesty while baby remains uncovered and benefits from the opportunity to make eye contact, interact and communicate. It comes in 3 styles as shown above.

MILK BANDS are uniquely designed nursing bracelet that enables the mother to quickly and conveniently identify whcih breast she last used to feed her baby by simply turning the bracelet inside-out; breastfeeding bracelets have time measuring sliders that can be used for multiple purposes such as tracking how long your baby fed or what time...

For more details in regarding the mechanics of the giveaway, you can check Chronicles of a Nursing Mom.

27 October 2011

mommy moments - mommy's favorite photos

For this week's Mommy Moments, this is what I have to share. It was really difficult to choose my favorite photos, again there are lots of them...
So I carefully chose each one. Hope you enjoy  them!

I  love this magazine-page like shot of me in my wedding gown before heading to church...for this one I get to be a model in my own fashion spread...

I will always remember our Wedding Day, it is one day when all girls look their best . For one day  I get to be the star of my own show...this is the prelude....
I love this shot of mine in my wedding gown. I will always treasure this picture when I get to be  the queen even for just a day...
This is our first formal picture together after  being married

And now for the classics....
This is a classic!My mom in her own wedding gown (April 5th of 1964)..see how gorgeous she is...and  I hope years from now, my daughter will also show in her blog (or whatever it may be when that time comes) these same pictures I have here and will feel proud as I am now of her mom....
Mom and Dad...some 47 years ago and still keeping the fire burning...


Our very first picture together, this is the first time I held my daughter in my arms...
Our first formal/studio family picture
this photo was taken yesterday, capturing our special times together...
Our precious times are captured by pictures but the best imprint is left deep down our heart and memory...

Happy Mommy Moments!

23 October 2011

pink fridays #93 Ceana in Pink

I am a newbie joining Pink Fridays...I must admit, I am not really much of a pink person, I love the color green then yellow comes after. But when my daughter came, I can't help but to start loving the color pink because baby girls just look so good in PINK!
And by the way, here's my first ever entry to Pink Fridays, Ceana in her pink flower headband wearing a pink Sesame street blouse taken last September 6,2011 which is her 8th month birthday...

joining : 

22 October 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #26

Welcome to Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #26-GFC Connect Week!
I would also like to welcome WBFC in its new home RubzOnline!
This week is a GFC (Google Friend Connect) week sponsored by Chika Bits and Dens Online

This week's tasks :
1. Make a blog post with our WBFC Badge to welcome all participants. Grab the WBFC button and make sure that your blog posts has do-follow  links to this week's sponsors.
2. Submit your blog posts to RubzOnline, use the linky tool provided.
3.Visit other participating blogs and leave a comment at their welcome posts that you have followed them thru Google Friend Connect.
5. Leave a comment at RubzOnline if you have done all the steps.

Head up to RubzOnline for more information in joining this caravan.

21 October 2011

mommy moments - mommy's unforgettable stories

Unforgettable stories???Actually there are lots...too much  to share to the point that you can't remember them all anymore, that's actually the irony of it!

way back 2004...sana bumalik ang weighthehe
For me, maybe the one most unforgettable stories I'd tell even to my grandchildren is OUR LOVE STORY. (Corny?!I know, I know...) Well why not?I wouldn't be what I am now if haven't met a funny and persistent guy some 9 years ago...
Ours is a long distance relationship even at the start. My husband is based in the US because of a family sponsored petition. I was on the other hand working as a sales consultant in a company in Ortigas. The year was 2002 when a friend tagged him along to attend a celebration over at my cousin's house. And then it happened, my cousins (knowing I am single, and believing he also was-but actually was not!) gave my complete information to him including a $10 phone card for him to call me, and he did! I was shocked to receive a call from an unknown person miles away, but I have to admit I enjoyed talking to him that first time. We chattered about so many different things until the card has been all consumed (approximately 2 hours).

in March 2007
Before we hung up I apologized for my cousins's  intrusion of his private life (and the pressure they have put on him by giving the $10 phone card to call me,ahaha) and at the same time also thanked him for his time. He told me it's nothing and promised that he will still call me even if he would be the one to buy his card. Kilig namn ako! I tell you there was something in that first call that gave me a feeling, that something's different about him, I don't know, I just knew it. That night I was trying to shake off the idea of that "something" and kept on telling myself  'Hindi na sya tatawag, that's it folks!Hanggang dun lng yun!' But he did call again the next day and the day after and the day after that, and the rest is history...

We were married in 2009 after seven years (and a lot of phonecards). 
It was a triumph over distance. In fact my friends and the people who knew about our love story said that ours is a non-conventional one, a proof for them to believe that love crosses all borders and disprove the cliche that "long distance relationships doesn't work". It does. BUT (and that's a BIG but) it is not easy and it will never be easy. It was twice the effort until now. The seven years away from eachother before we got married has not been an easy ride, it was full of bumps and blows, ups and downs, of right, left and U-turns (most came from him, hehe). 
sa haba man ng prusisyon sa simbahan din ang tuloy...
In the end, as they say LOVE prevailed. It was a concerted effort to make it work and for us, a lot of sacrifices. I must admit that there were times before when I nearly quit and thought maybe it was not meant-that all was just a learning experience. But one thing I can say, of all the quarrels and fights we had before we got married, I have never ever heard Mark (hubby) call for a time off/cool off or even a break up. And maybe that's one factor, never ever giving up.
After almost 10 years, here we are at a new phase of our lives as parents. Though I am raising our daughter now single-handedly, 69+we are on high hopes that we will be together very soon. And when that time comes, that's the only chance we can make up for the past years that we were not together. Yes indeed, those were lost times but we shouldn't cry over spilled milk. What we can do instead is to look forward to greater and happier moments ahead. 
April 2011
And that's my most unforgettable story...

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20 October 2011

thank you, Drypers!

I have signed in to Drypers Baby Club which is a cool interactive website not only for mom but also for moms-to-be. What I was not informed of until then was that there will be gifts for the First 600 members. Luckily, I was one of the first registrants and because of that we received these cool gifts from Drypers :

3 Packs of  Drypers Diapers (2pcs each pack)
Thank you Drypers for the samples...
Ceana : hmmm let me look at these....
Wow!kita kits sa McDo!!!

bing's awesome birthday giveaway

Cool prizes await you : a pink candy wallet, a pouch, a professional make up palette and more make up all you have to do is join Bing's Awesome Birthday Giveaway : 

I think this young lady has talent , looking at her make up portfolio, I know she will be going far more places in the future. To join check out Bing's Blog  for more details.Good luck girls!

19 October 2011


If you are a mom, especially a new mom like me, you always really want to document everything of your child's growth and development. When I started with my journey to motherhood, I have planned of making scrapbooks and taking lots of pictures to put in albums so that when my children grow up they will have something to look back to. But the ending, since we are now at a digital age, all I ever did was to take pictures and store them. I got lazy to print them and put in albums (one lazy mama here!). 
And then as I was looking at an online store in Multiply , I chanced upon a website which offers personalized photo books-hard bound, book like photo albums (well I really didn't know what photo books are until then!). 
ArtsCow is a leading online photo website using the most advanced technology to offer more than 200 personalized photo products ranging from photo books, playing cards, T-shirts, mouse pads and a whole lot more! As for my personal experience, I had an easy time doing my projects, ArtsCow has online designs and all you have to do is download Microsoft Silverlight, upload your pictures into their site and then drag these pictures into your desired template, as easy as 1-2-3. Here are my works :

I decided to create an album for my daughter's first first 6months and her Christening. I admit it is really hard to choose from hundreds of my stored pictures to put into a 20-page photo book, (actually you have the option to add more pages). The second hard thing is choosing the template since there are also hundreds of them so I would suggest that you try to book mark template that you will like for future use. The 20-page photo books costs $9.99 minus some more dollars if you have some ongoing promos to go with it.

I signed up in their newsletter first so I receive emails if they have ongoing promotions. My most favorite deal is FREE SHIPPING! Actually all of the projects I have done are all shipped free, I always wait for promos. I was very satisfied with the photo books I made, the cover is like those that of children's story books and the pages are made of good quality paper thus exhibiting good pictures as well. They ship photo books nicely and safely wrapped in plastic (shown on the picture --->) so even if it is just through regular mail, the products are delivered undamaged. By the way they ship all the way from Hongkong. 

sample page of the photobook

look how clear the print is

from the Christening abum

details are clearly printed
You can upload pictures and store them in the website if you are not yet ready to buy them yet, so when a promotion comes in you can just hit the check out counter. You can take advantage of the free credits upon signing in, and use these credits later. When I did, it's like I went window shopping first, read out some reviews and comments about the site and products before I went on doing mine. One thing I like about ArtsCow is their good customer service, which promptly replies with your questions, inquiries and even disputes within 24hours. This site is highly recommended, an efficient and cost effective way to store your lifetime memories. I will share more projects I have done in future posts. Mommies what are you waiting for?

Check them out at  or like their Facebook Page for more deals and promos.

What’s a Healthy Deal?

We all want to get the best out of everything. Who doesn't? Our health is our wealth as the old saying goes. There are actually so many things to do to be and stay healthy. A healthy lifestyle doesn't end in eating the right types of food and engaging in exercise. I think one necessity is also to have time to detoxify, relax and get pampered, so as to renew your whole-being. Our bodies are like machines which need some tuning up once in a while.
As for me, the most ideal tuning up and considered "me time" is to go on a spa and be pampered. But wait I know you will say that it is expensive, but not anymore. I just recently discovered through  Facebook a new and only group-buying site in the Philippines that promotes health and wellness at a very reasonable price. Healthy Deals Philippines provides good, healthy deals either through products or services which  are not only good for the body but for the pocket as well. We all want a healthy but affordable deal, right? One of their current deal  now is the Total Contouring and Firming/Detox (Bodyworks) + Back Massage by Oragnique Nail Spa. You have the chance to choose among different types of body works from body nourishing, smoothing and pampering, detoxifying, contouring and firming, slimming and revitalizing and age defying treatments. And that is for just Php 427.50 instead of Php 950! Healthy Deals Philippines is making it easy for us to maintain our health and wellness so there should be no excuses no to be healthy and well any more!

And still speaking of good deals, you might like to check out "What's a Healthy Deal?" Bloggers Raffle Contest  sponsored by Healthy Deals Philippines for a chance to win an Apple Ipad2 which is open for bloggers aged 18 and above, must have a blog that is at least 3months old with at least 10 blog posts. Please click the above link for more details or click the picture below. 

You can get more information about Healthy Deals Philippines by visiting Healthy Deals Philippines like and follow them in Twitter and Facebook.

my heart bleeds as a Mom...

I just want to pour this out, for two days last week (around Friday and Saturday) I 've been disturbed and affected by another news that made UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Banos) popular again. It is though for a very sad reason, because of another heinous crime committed against a UPLB student, Given Grace Cebanico.
Let's go a little trip down memory lane...

When I entered the same University approximately 17years ago, it was the height time of the Eileen Sarmenta-Allan Gomez case, in which a female student (Eileen), was raped and  together with her friend and fraternity brother (Allan) they were both abducted first then killed. The culprit behind was then Calauan Mayor Armand Sanchez,which I would like to believe is still suffering in prison now. He was actually convicted in 1994, that is a year after it happened. The University was still in mourning when I started as a freshie and I saw the palm trees in Royal Palm Drive dressed in black ribbons.

Royal Palm Drive, UPLB

This year it happened again because of Given's death. I was really disturbed and affected with what happened to her, maybe because this time I am no freshie anymore but a new mom. I can feel the anguish of Given's parents especially her mom's. Having raised your daughter for 19 years only for some people to take her away from you forever. Given Grace was abducted on night of October 10, 2011, was raped, nabbed then shot on the forehead. Her mouth was tied not only with a hanky but of masking tape. Her body was found on an isolated area of the University. These are such evil doings no one can easily fathom.
You see Given is a DOST Scholar, a College Scholar ( which means she has good grades), she is already on her third year and hopes to graduate next year, dreams of helping out her pastor dad, her teacher mom and 12 year old brother.  Those dreams can't be fulfilled anymore, her precious life has ended caused by some cruel criminals. She is a sweet girl, a church song leader and a good friend. Good that after two days, the suspects were already apprehended and hopefully will pay for their wrongdoings in jail.
However which way, justice may have prevailed but Given cannot return anymore, and my heart bleeds as a mom. As parents we all have good things planned for our children-a good future, a good life. Looking at my daughter as I put her to sleep and thinking of it all-that something as cruel will happen to her is unimaginable, unthinkable! I will die!
I may not know their family personally but I have been praying for them ever since, for peace and acceptance. I have worn this as profile picture in my Facebook account for a few days as support for Given, her family and to the UPLB community.

16 October 2011

mommy moments - mommy's favorite products

I discovered these products in 2009, I wasn't really aware of all the 'bad and harmful' chemicals in the everyday products that we use until I found out about Human Nature.  Since then I became more conscious of the ingredients a product contains and has also started to READ the LABELS. 

For Mommy Moments this week, which features Mommy's Favorite Products, I am sharing various Human nature products. These products are staples in my everyday ritual. I really do not have a beauty regimen, and they say that women should start caring for their skin during their mid-twenties(sigh!). All I do is clean, exfoliate 3-4 times a week and that's it, no toner, no moisturizer (yeah I know I should!), that is why I am planning to improve my so called rituals. Before we move on, here are my personal favorites...

1.) Human Nature Hydrating Facial Wash (with moringa and aloe vera- I use for cleansing, though the scent isn't much of a winner but the effects are great for me)
2.) Human Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub ( uses coffee as exfoliating beads, as compared to commercial scrubs, it has no yummy sweet scent that makes it more natural)

3.) Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner ( this one has a citrus scent that makes your hair smell so fresh)

I will share some more about Human Nature in future posts and why I decided to become an organic/natural product advocate. Well, there you go for my favorite things...

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11 October 2011

It's a Big World by renee and jeremy

My daughter has been addicted to this video lately. Whenever I will play it in youtube, she stops whatever she is doing and watches. She doesn't blink,haha  And I just want to share it with you :

As a parent I also like the video. It comes with a very simple but colorful animation that will capture the attention of a child (my daughter for is an example). The music/song is also quite relaxing and gives an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) whenever I will listed to it. I also love their song "Night Mantra" which is very soothing, call it modern lullabye. 
I just saw this from one of the blogs I read, (I am sorry if I forgot where) it is collaboration of parents/ husband&wife Renee & Jeremy  who loves music and they make children's music that children and people of all ages enjoy.  You an actually download some free songs on their site, including the one above. You just need to subscribe to their email. I just did. You can visit to view andbuy their song and look in to for more details. 

10 October 2011

red and sweet (RMH#10)

My daughter turned  9 months last October 6th. How time really flies, I can still remember same time last year when I was so pregnant. As we all know, pregnancy can bring those weird cravings, as for me I did not really experience out of the world preference for foods. I just consumed my 'favorite' foods in larger amounts and portions. And for this week's Red Hot Monday I am sharing with you one of my favorite fruits of all time ( pregnant or not) and sweet lychees!

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09 October 2011

thank you giveaway by jen

If you are a Hello Kitty fan, you might like to join this lovely giveaway by With Love, Jen as she sponsors a Hello Kitty Giveaway as a thanksgiving for her 100 followers. You can drop by With Love, Jen for more information.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #25

Hi fellow bloggers! Here's to another week of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan, the last caravan I followed was quite exciting because it is a 3-in-1 follow. For this week, the excitement is much the same since it is going to be a Google Friend Connect  follow (head on to the right side of my blog for my GFC widget)

Thank you for this week's sponsors Techie She and GEORYL : Welcome to Our World

Weekend Blog Follower Cravan is a simple online blogger-helping blogger weekly meme which was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers either through GFC or email subscription.

CLICK HERE for more information and if you want to join this caravan!

08 October 2011

love skin best giveaway

Love Skin Best is sponsoring a giveaway "100 Followers and Birthday Giveaway"...all the items above are at stake...the giveaway is open worldwide until October19th.

Just visit  Love Skin Best for more details or you can click the photo above.
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