11 October 2011

It's a Big World by renee and jeremy

My daughter has been addicted to this video lately. Whenever I will play it in youtube, she stops whatever she is doing and watches. She doesn't blink,haha  And I just want to share it with you :

As a parent I also like the video. It comes with a very simple but colorful animation that will capture the attention of a child (my daughter for is an example). The music/song is also quite relaxing and gives an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) whenever I will listed to it. I also love their song "Night Mantra" which is very soothing, call it modern lullabye. 
I just saw this from one of the blogs I read, (I am sorry if I forgot where) it is collaboration of parents/ husband&wife Renee & Jeremy  who loves music and they make children's music that children and people of all ages enjoy.  You an actually download some free songs on their site, including the one above. You just need to subscribe to their email. I just did. You can visit to view andbuy their song and look in to for more details. 

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