03 October 2011

Thank you, Skin Cravings!

Last September Skin Cravings  launched an online contest in their Facebook Page entitled " Fan of the Hour", wherein they posted 3 (random) questions within the day and you need to post your answer as comments on their wall. At the end of the day Skin Cravings will post 3 winners based on the creativity of the answers on the questions they posted. This promo lasted until the 30th of September.
I joined on the first day unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough. However on their second day (September 2), I joined again. It seems that the questions for that day were all meant for me because the answers I gave were actually based from my own experiences.

Here, let me share with you my answers :

Question #1 :  What is the most unforgettable surprise you got from your partner?

Question # 2 : If you have only one thing among these three- laptop, iPad or a cellphone which would you choose? Why?
Here's my answer : (and I think this is a so-so 
cellphone,basically for communication, even if I cannot see my loved ones thru the internet at least if there's a cellphone we can still keep the communication.
Question # 3 What's the craziest thing you ever did for love?

Well there goes my love story, haha and when the winner was announced I knew I won because I am so confident with my answers, well at least for Q1 and Q3: 

And because of this, about 2weeks ago, I received from a Unilab courier the following :

the goodies came in this paper bag
this is what's inside (too much lighting in this pic)
from L-R : Cranberry Yoghurt Body Scrub, Strawberry Cream Lotion,  Dewberry Yoghurt Body Scrub,
Choc'Mint Kisses Body Lotion, Strawberry Cream BodyScrub
someone's trying to get one these yummy treats, lol

The packaging of these products is so unique that my nephew thought it was real food inside the bag. I love the scent of fresh fruits. "For skin so soft to be bitten, smells so sweet to be eaten!", this is Skin Cravings's tag line. Though I have not used these products yet and will definitely do a review once I did.

So once again, Thank you so much Skin Cravings for the prizes and for holding this promo, more to come in the future and MORE POWER! 


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nancy said...

Wow, sounds fun and congratulations for your winnings!

I'm here visiting over late for WBFC. Thanks for following Homemaking and Beyond. I am your new follower now too. :)

Have a pleasant weekend.

Helen said...

Wow you finally got it! Congrats for winning. These goodies look so yummy. :)

Icar said...

@NANCY-thanks for the follow...

@Helen: yes finally got it!parang sarap gamitin...

EINz said...

Congratulations! Hmn... ur such a lucky girl =)

Icar said...

@einz-thank you sis, already sent you an email...more power!

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