05 October 2011

romance still alive (RMH#9)

flowers from Flowers Express thru LBC
This is first thing that came into mind when I decided to join RED HOT MONDAY. It is a dozen red roses from Island Roses and delivered by LBC. (LBC has a tie up with Island Rose that if you order flowers from LBC, Island Rose will provide it).
It was sent my husband regularly during special occasions like my birthday, Our Anniversary and especially during Valentine's Day. You see my husband is in the US and it has been that way since we met over 9 years ago. I guess this is one reason why despite the distance we have kept the  romance and love burning.(view my album L-O-V-E from Facebook fore more of the roses). It is really a concerted effort from both of us to maintain a not-so-easy to maintain long distance relationship
Nine years after and a 9-month old daughter, we're still together full of love, hopes and dreams. And I hope that our long time dream of finally being together will be happening very soon (cross fingers!). Some say that long distance relationships do not work, well for us it did. Because of that, I am happy.

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Kerslyn said...

How sweet! Lucky you for having a husband who constantly sends roses on special occasions.

Thanks for joining Red Hot Mondays!

Helen said...

So sweet! Stay happy in love dear! :)

Tina´s PicStory said...

Welcome to Tina´s PicStory! :)

wifetoalineman02 said...

romantic husband of sweet, pretty red roses, visiting you back from Red Hot Monday

gagay said...

so sweeeeeeeet!!!

thanks for dropping by at my RHM's a hug back to yoU!!! have a great week ahead!

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