18 December 2011

help CDO and ILIGAN!

I saw the news tonight and I was really fighting tears seeing our fellowmen from Iligan and CDO face devastation. It seems my heart was coming out of my chest to see babies being evacuated despite the rain and cold, wrapped in blankets. I can almost see my own daughter (who is sleeping peacefully beside me now as I am writing this) in them, to think that it is also almost Christmas. Earlier today, I was planning of going to the mall tomorrow to buy some stuff for Ceana, but felt so unfair to do so because of the havoc that our fellowmen experienced. 

As I searched the internet for readings, I saw this heartbreaking picture of a father holding the dead body of her daughter and I can't help the tears. You can feel the agony and grief of a parent, it's beyond any words can describe. You can also notice that no smile can be seen from the other people in the background. Indeed you cannot smile during times like this...this is just of of the many snapshots of the wreck caused by Sendong.

I AM CALLING THE ATTENTION OF ALL BLOGGERS, if you want to donate, you can do so by sending CASH thru Paypal, (I did) using ILIGAN BLOGGERS SOCIETY , feel free to donate a dollar (or more) by using THIS LINK and you can confirm your donation by clicking THIS. The only email address they use for Paypal is For donation drops, please read this DOCUMENT for more information. 

thru CDO BLOGGERS : Paypal donations are accepted through Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, the email is :

LBC also accepts donations-bottled water, food, blankets, clothes, medicines, etc. They will ship it for FREE and distribute to the cities that need assistance. Just go to your nearest branch and bring in your stuff. {I guess this will be our itinerary for tomorrow-I will bring some of Ceana's clothes and mine too to donate plus I am going to ask for some other family members}.

I guess these two ways will do for now. 

Let's make this season more meaningful by sharing our blessings, being thankful that we still have our families and loved ones with us this Holiday season. 

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Cheryl Roth said...

Hi, It's nice to see someone blogging about a cause for a change. I'm just getting around to the Newbie hop. Followed you w/GFC & FNB and "liked" your FB page. Hope you can follow & like back. Cheryl

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