13 December 2011

Sassy Hairsies for a Sassy Baby

My daughter, Ceana has been hairless-well not actually "no hair"-as in nothing, but she has very thin hair but I noticed as I mentioned in my previous post that it has somewhat changed over the last few months. The normal hair accessory she wears is a headband- it is actually a MUST! 

When I found out about Sassy Hairsies , a few months ago I immediately checked out their creations and fell in love with them! For months, I keep on checking their FB Page for updates and new designs. I really planned of ordering just in time for Christmas. And now here it is, a blow by blow documentation of unboxing Ceana's Sassy Hairsies....

It actually came (12/12/11) late in the afternoon via Air 21, this is the box and immediately after opening the package you can already smell perfume...

neatly wrapped items in red Japanese paper(at this point I cannot contain my excitement I need to take a peek...)

the Sassy sticker...

lo and behold, this is what's inside, 2 headbands and what's this?yes a freebie!

close up of  Amanda, securely woven applique

Amanda on Ceana

closeup of Andrea

Andrea on Ceana

 and the best of a FREEBIE!!!!thanks Ms.Tin!

I have specifically requested for a metal headband wrapped in ribbon since I know that Ceana doesn't like elastic headbands. What I like about these headbands aside from the fact that it was pretty and delicately made is that the ornaments/appliques are securely-attached to eachother (in this case the pearl and the rhinestone to the flower)  and you will not worry that it will disentangle immediately or get loose. Then on the other note, I can say that it was a hassle-free transaction, Ms. Tin is very accommodating and replies to inquiries ASAP. {I just got nervous when I didn't receive a confirmation for my payment, then I found out that she was away for a long weekend getaway with her hubby for some quality time.}

I forgot to mention that I also got a 20% discount for this order plus she sent me another 10% coupon on my next order, thank you so mcuh!!! I love Sassy Hairsies and I will definitely order again not only for Ceana but for myself as well!

You can check Sassy Hairsies through their Facebook Page and Multiply Store.

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grechie said...

ang cute naman ng mga headbands...and it really looks good on your baby. hahaha! naaliw ako talaga... :))

Icar said...

@grechie-thanks sis!oo ganda nga headbands tsaka matibay..order mo din si Amaya mo!=))

Rebel Sweetheart said...

Sabi na nga ba si Tin Malonzo ang Tin na sinasabi mo. I had to click on the links just to be sure at yun nga. :D

I know her from college, roomies sya ng sisses ko from ADS. At OF ko sya sa Multiply. Tin, if you're reading this, HI! Haha!

Ayoko na nga magbasa ng mga girly posts, lalo akong naeenganyo magka-baby girl. Haha! All the more dahil ang mareng Jes ay fuma-family way ulit. LOL.

Ceana, I miss you! Lagot ka sa kin pag nagkita tayo. Kiss kita madami! Pagaling muna kami ni Kuya Yue at may virus kami. LOL.

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