23 December 2011

My Thanksgiving Christmas Giveaway-Prelude

It's the most wonderful time of the year, actually I Love Christmas because I like wrapping and giving gifts (I will not mention the part that I don't like about it-maybe on other posts,hehe)...

I have so many things to be thankful for this year, the first and foremost and also the best of all is the birth of my daughter early this year. She has completely changed everything about my life. She will be turning a year old on January 6th, I can't imagine how time really flies so fast. I have discovered the world of blogging because of her. During those sleepless nights and in between breastfeeding, I have turned to several mom blogs to find support for breastfeeding and first time moms like me, hence, I have known the blogoshere. 

I had been inclined to joining online contests and giveaways in Facebook as a form of leisure activity for me, I was indeed lucky to have won several contests and that's where it all started. I formally started with blogging on August of this year, with the main purpose of documenting things that interest me the most, then I discovered that there's more to blogging. I never knew then of PR rating, of Alexa stats, of linking, of memes, of Google Analytics, of meeting virtual friends. I find blogging therapeutic, a stress reliever for a full time (breastfeeding) mom like me. With that I wanted to give back what blogging has shared with me, I am sponsoring a Christmas Giveaway as a thanksgiving for my 120 plus (and counting) GFC followers and for the success of this endeavor. I hope to bring some smile to other bloggers like me who loves to join contests. 

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