10 December 2011

the other side of blogging 2

As what I have shared on my previous post, I have engaged in different ways to monetize my blog. I have joined a few websites and decided to share them one by one. Actually I haven't earned a lot from these sites, I am still trying to build up and work my way around.

One of the famous sites that will give your earning through your blog is SocialSpark. There a number of ways that you can earn thru this site. First you can earn by writing sponsored posts about interesting products and services-the payout will depend on your blog's statistics (Alexa, PR Rating, traffic,etc), next is if you can recruit advertisers and publishers to advertise in SocialSpark-with this you will get a commission that will depend on the amount of their advertisement. Another way is by posting deals,it works just the same way-if someone signs up with the deals that you posted on your blog then you will get the commission depending on the amount of the transaction. Lastly, you will also get a commission if you can refer your friends. If you are interested just click here or the badge below so that you can sign up and start earning your way to success!

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!

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