28 September 2011

classic spaghetti

Every 6th of the month is my baby's month birthday and since her first month I have planned of having a cake for her. It is also a form of thanksgiving for every month that passes that Ceana is healthy. Aside from that whenever it permits me (it actually depends on Ceana's mood if I can cook) I would cook something to match the cake like pasta or pansit plus ice cream!(This is simply the reason why the pounds kept on piling!haha) But during times when there's really no choice and we rely on instant food a.k.a fastfood, there is our friendly Pizza Hut 'BOGO' pizza promo and Jollibee's Chickenjoy bucket.
For her 8th month (September 6th) I cooked for her this meaty spaghetti :

the MEATY spaghetti

My spaghetti recipe is very simple just like the normal recipe only I use a LOT of chopped onions, diced red bell peppers and the secret ingredient-Italian seasoning for that distinct "spaghetti sauce" taste. I also sometimes use different variations like replacing meat with tuna or squid thus making it marinara-like. It will all depend on your preference, all you need is a little imagination and zest for experiment and adventure.
And to match the spaghetti, I made toasted bread using white bread which is very easy, just slather butter on your bread,sprinkle with Italian seasoning (again) and then put  in the oven toaster. Voila!

toasted bread
And here are the highlights!
we're for Team Magnolia this month
Merrnel's Chocolate cake from UPLB,yummy!
So that's it! Will have to think again for my October recipe and of course to decide what cake to buy this time (a dilemma every month-so many to choose from but I always end up getting a chocolate cake hehe)...since that will be roughly a week from now.

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KM said...

toasted bread and Pinoy style spaghetti sounds like the perfect tandem ;)

happy 8th to your bady ^^

visiting you back for Weekday Potluck.

see you around :D

melandria said...

delicioso, i like the cake, so cute. Thanks for the visit.

WonderWoman said...

Yum! Please join my giveaway:

Jellybelly said...

Yummy! Homecooked spaghetti and toasted bread. Just the way I like it! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

maiylah said...

hi, Icar! happy 8th to your lovely baby! :)
you've got everything covered for this celebration, and your spaghetti sounds (and looks) real good!

thanks for visiting my WE post! :)

mymy said...

that cake looks soo cute and yummy! am a chocolate cake fan, too. :)

happy 8th to your baby!

Mika said...

Love pasta and cake...this is a great party :)

Kitty Kate said...

Mamma Mia!!! I love pasta and your chocolate cake looks tempting! Thanks for visiting A Slice of Kate.

Gene said...

Birthday food are always something to look forward to. Parang it became a part of our tradition. No birthday is complete without spaghetti!

Late visit via Weekday Potluck. Here's mine: Baked Cheese in Filo Pastry

Icar said...

hi everyone!

thank you for visiting my site, it is yet another month again I am once again trying to cook up something for my daughter's 9th month birthday...I finally decided to cook carbonara, as for the cake, I am still deciding on which cake to buy(again?!)...but will post again soon..

cheers to everyone...

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