11 September 2011

hairless Ceana

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Pause muna for contest blogs, let's get more personal this time...

taken Sept 6, 2011-her 8th month birthday
I was thinking if I will post my daughter's pictures here in my blog. Actually I have mentioned and discussed her and my husband in my other blog which I chose to be more personal. For some reasons, I was just contemplating if in some ways I will be violating her privacy in doing so. 

However, I have read and followed some blogs which features their children and I said " Why not?di naman ako artista?"hahaha
So there you go... and in fact it is really a mom's joy to share to the world her daughter...

this is me when I was almost the same age

Well my (now 8month-old) daughter Ceana is still hairless. Well not REALLY bald but she has thin hair. 

It may be due to genes, because both my husband and I were hairless when we were babies. 

But many say that eventually(when?) her hair will grow, so no fears, no worries for me.

As much as I wanted to buy her clips and accessories, I became limited to headbands. I am doing this because for the times that she is not wearing one she was mistaken to be a boy even if she's wearing a dress already!

 I don't feel bad, but it's natural to sometimes feel awkward to get questions like "boy or girl?" or "girl sya?" even if she's wearing pink or red!(eyes rolling!) 

To my consolation, a highschool batchmate who's based in Canada whom I get to interact with on Facebook also share the same experiences with her daughter. And so I think, it is not really the culture but 'how really the way things are'. So be it.

Bunny Baby, her Dad's favorite

Through time I got used to the comments and I'm not bothered anymore (actually I was never bothered, I was just surprised). So here now I just wanted to share my favorites-headpieces of Ceana (a.k.a. her headbands).

Ceana and her bandanna with long curly hair

I call her Baby Girl Swee'Pea, (Popeye's original Swee'Pea's a male)...

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