06 January 2012

The Importance of a Great Website

We are now in the era of digital revolution where websites play a crucial role in promoting business to all parts of the world. Whether you are using the Internet for business or for personal use, your own website plays a vital role in promoting your purpose. It has become an interactive platform to receive and provide information. Thus it also has become a dominant resource attached in the daily aspects of our lives such as employment, education, commerce, government, health care and a lot more. 

Having a website is  a basic element for a business to connect with future clients, and for blogs (such as this one-to potential readers). For some, building a website has brought substantial success, while for some it only caused an unexpected disaster. A poor website design is the common cause for a website's failure. 

With regards to online matters, the website is like the the reflection of one's personality. According to studies, web users develop their first impressions a few seconds after looking at web pages so it is important to develop an efficient and well illustrated web design that will provide precise information. If you want to attain the maximum potential of your site and make a profit out of it, the are lots of web design companies such as Long Island Web Design that specializes in developing award-winning designs. Web design is much more than just creating a look to a website but building up the content. Information contained on a website should be easy to read and well structured or else users will not be able to have the chance to see what they are looking for and veer away. 

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There are four major characteristics of a good website : first, it should be visually appealing, well organized and easy to navigate, the quality content and design should convey the company's message and should encourage customers to engage with the company. Good designs are characterized by good color combinations and easy navigation. This allows users to save time on their searches. 
Based on research, users who cannot find their way easily around a site has the tendency to leave between 5-30 seconds. A good design should not only look pleasant to the eyes but also easily accessible to anyone who wants to use it. It will help you set apart your website from the rest. 

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for Long Island Web Design and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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Bella Holmes said...

Interesting post. You're right, the website is just like the reflection of one's personality and business. It is important to have a reputable and user friendly website. Thanks!

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Jennifer Swift said...

I agree. It is indeed very important to make the website a very compelling one. An enticing web design should be simple yet very factual. Contents must be valuable, unique and original. This will also increase your website's reputation and value.

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