07 January 2012

Auto Insurance and Other Needs

My husband is overseas and always points out the need for me to learn how to drive. With our petition showing some light, he said that driving skills are a must in order for me survive and work in the future. 

In 2008, he was able to buy a worn 1995 Ford Mustang very similar to the one below. He got it from a friend who was out of work that time due to the economic recession and turned to his idle assets for extra cash.  He was able to get it at $250, which is such a great steal right? The car's body is in very condition except that it isn't running. There are engine and electrical problems, since it has been stored unused for a long time. He really wanted to have a sports car but knows that he cannot afford it or I must say a brand new one, that is why he just turned to this great offer by his friend.

image from
He has another friend, a car mechanic who promised to help him get the car running. It was not an easy feat for him. Soon after the repairs started one problem came after another and more money is needed to get the car in running condition. It took him months, maybe even a year to complete all the repairs and finally get the car zooming. And as soon as everything else was fixed, he got Portland Auto Insurance  for it just like putting icing on the cake.

Now he declared that once we get there with him, since he has another car which is a Sentra, I will be driving the Mustang! Honestly I am so excited about it, the only thing is, I don't know how to drive! Sigh...

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