06 January 2012

Things to Consider in Buying a Home

Everyone's dream is to have a house he can call his own. Despite the ongoing economic fluctuations, we still strive to save a little bit of our incomes to save up for a house. Some may consider it an important investment but some say that it is a dead one. But no matter what we think about it, we still need a roof over our heads to serve as our shelter. For 2012, one of the major things we are considering is buying a new home.

There are actually some important things to consider in buying a home. As for me who is an aspiring homeowner in the future, I wanted to share my thoughts on factors to consider in choosing your home. First on the list will be location. It is known that once you have settled in a place you will not be able to change the geography for it is already fixed. You should consider the place's proximity to your job, to schools, to parks, shopping malls and supermarkets, and also to public transportation plus other major important establishments. Next is situation factors, beyond the location, you should also check the existing condition of your prospect new home. Is it situated properly on the lot? Does it give you enough space to do your gardening and other outside activities? Does your new home give you a nice view?

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Another essential factor consider in choosing your home will be the neighborhood. Let's admit that more that the house itself, the neighborhood is a deciding component. The neighborhood should be safe enough night and day not only for adults but especially for children. Is it safe for people to walk and run around, to bike, for children to play outside the yards? Of course the crime rate in the area should be at a minimum level, that is why for the latest listings we should see St Louis homes for sale to get an idea of the safest neighborhoods to check out. Lastly on my list will be the size and floor plan of the house. We all want a grand home, who doesn't? Most especially if it's going to be out of our own hard earned money but the question is, is it practical?We should choose a floor plan that fits our lifestyle. The size and number of bedrooms and bath will depend on the family size. We don't want a home that will only give us useless space that we could have used for other purposes. 

Finding your home is like finding your partner, you will never be able to settle until your find the right one. Happy house hunting!

*I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for St Louis homes for sale and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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Jane said...

Thank you for sharing these tips! I'm currently looking for Manila condo units. These came in super handy.

William Wagner said...

These are the things that you should consider before buying a home. Services such as Conveyancing Bayswater might help as well.

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