19 October 2011

my heart bleeds as a Mom...

I just want to pour this out, for two days last week (around Friday and Saturday) I 've been disturbed and affected by another news that made UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Banos) popular again. It is though for a very sad reason, because of another heinous crime committed against a UPLB student, Given Grace Cebanico.
Let's go a little trip down memory lane...

When I entered the same University approximately 17years ago, it was the height time of the Eileen Sarmenta-Allan Gomez case, in which a female student (Eileen), was raped and  together with her friend and fraternity brother (Allan) they were both abducted first then killed. The culprit behind was then Calauan Mayor Armand Sanchez,which I would like to believe is still suffering in prison now. He was actually convicted in 1994, that is a year after it happened. The University was still in mourning when I started as a freshie and I saw the palm trees in Royal Palm Drive dressed in black ribbons.

Royal Palm Drive, UPLB

This year it happened again because of Given's death. I was really disturbed and affected with what happened to her, maybe because this time I am no freshie anymore but a new mom. I can feel the anguish of Given's parents especially her mom's. Having raised your daughter for 19 years only for some people to take her away from you forever. Given Grace was abducted on night of October 10, 2011, was raped, nabbed then shot on the forehead. Her mouth was tied not only with a hanky but of masking tape. Her body was found on an isolated area of the University. These are such evil doings no one can easily fathom.
You see Given is a DOST Scholar, a College Scholar ( which means she has good grades), she is already on her third year and hopes to graduate next year, dreams of helping out her pastor dad, her teacher mom and 12 year old brother.  Those dreams can't be fulfilled anymore, her precious life has ended caused by some cruel criminals. She is a sweet girl, a church song leader and a good friend. Good that after two days, the suspects were already apprehended and hopefully will pay for their wrongdoings in jail.
However which way, justice may have prevailed but Given cannot return anymore, and my heart bleeds as a mom. As parents we all have good things planned for our children-a good future, a good life. Looking at my daughter as I put her to sleep and thinking of it all-that something as cruel will happen to her is unimaginable, unthinkable! I will die!
I may not know their family personally but I have been praying for them ever since, for peace and acceptance. I have worn this as profile picture in my Facebook account for a few days as support for Given, her family and to the UPLB community.

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