19 October 2011


If you are a mom, especially a new mom like me, you always really want to document everything of your child's growth and development. When I started with my journey to motherhood, I have planned of making scrapbooks and taking lots of pictures to put in albums so that when my children grow up they will have something to look back to. But the ending, since we are now at a digital age, all I ever did was to take pictures and store them. I got lazy to print them and put in albums (one lazy mama here!). 
And then as I was looking at an online store in Multiply , I chanced upon a website which offers personalized photo books-hard bound, book like photo albums (well I really didn't know what photo books are until then!). 
ArtsCow is a leading online photo website using the most advanced technology to offer more than 200 personalized photo products ranging from photo books, playing cards, T-shirts, mouse pads and a whole lot more! As for my personal experience, I had an easy time doing my projects, ArtsCow has online designs and all you have to do is download Microsoft Silverlight, upload your pictures into their site and then drag these pictures into your desired template, as easy as 1-2-3. Here are my works :

I decided to create an album for my daughter's first first 6months and her Christening. I admit it is really hard to choose from hundreds of my stored pictures to put into a 20-page photo book, (actually you have the option to add more pages). The second hard thing is choosing the template since there are also hundreds of them so I would suggest that you try to book mark template that you will like for future use. The 20-page photo books costs $9.99 minus some more dollars if you have some ongoing promos to go with it.

I signed up in their newsletter first so I receive emails if they have ongoing promotions. My most favorite deal is FREE SHIPPING! Actually all of the projects I have done are all shipped free, I always wait for promos. I was very satisfied with the photo books I made, the cover is like those that of children's story books and the pages are made of good quality paper thus exhibiting good pictures as well. They ship photo books nicely and safely wrapped in plastic (shown on the picture --->) so even if it is just through regular mail, the products are delivered undamaged. By the way they ship all the way from Hongkong. 

sample page of the photobook

look how clear the print is

from the Christening abum

details are clearly printed
You can upload pictures and store them in the website if you are not yet ready to buy them yet, so when a promotion comes in you can just hit the check out counter. You can take advantage of the free credits upon signing in, and use these credits later. When I did, it's like I went window shopping first, read out some reviews and comments about the site and products before I went on doing mine. One thing I like about ArtsCow is their good customer service, which promptly replies with your questions, inquiries and even disputes within 24hours. This site is highly recommended, an efficient and cost effective way to store your lifetime memories. I will share more projects I have done in future posts. Mommies what are you waiting for?

Check them out at  or like their Facebook Page for more deals and promos.

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