29 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Being given an award is indeed an honor and with that I would like to thank Seow Wei  for sharing this award with me. She is also a mom of a beautiful baby girl and likes digital scrapbooking-this is one thing I hope to master in the future. 

Now for the Versatile Blogger Award, first you need to thank the person who shared with you the award and you need to link back. Second you need to share seven things about yourself and lastly, you need to share it to 15other bloggers and let them know that you have awarded them. 

For the fun part, here are 7 things about me :
1. I love the color GREEN. 
2. I love Lychees!
3. I love strawberry-may it be ice cream, jam,shake, anything with strawberry in it.
4. I'm sentimental and likes to keep mementos of some important events in my life.
5. I love doing crafts-making something out of ordinary and plain things.
6. I studied piano for 4 years (when I was in 4th grade)  and of all the pieces I have studied I cannot forget "Somewhere in Time".
7. I love old songs-the likes of Frank Sinatra, Motown hits and the original Rhythm and Blues.

And here are the 15 Bloggers I'm sharing this award with (in random order) you can go ahead and check out their blogs too:

Thank you so much and more power to all of us!

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The Average Jane said...

Thank you, sis. I'm very touched. =)

Seow wei said...


Katya kate said...

Congratulations Mommy Icar and thanks for passing this award to me! I would write about this as soon as I can! I and daughters love strawberries too! Wow, galing nman nkapag aral ka ng piano! Wish I had but I'm terrible with notes hehe!!

crumpylicious blog said...

You and I like similar things. =) Congrats and thank you for the award.

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