09 November 2011


I have been on constant search for the right template to use on this blog. I have been switching from one template to another just to have the right look and feel on this blog. And then it came, as I was browsing on an blogger template design website, I saw this template. I felt as if this template was especially-made for this blog, from the the theme to design to color combination,the widgets, everything!

I have now really proven, that just like marriage, you can never really settle until you find the right one. You will do all means to search and search and choose from among the best until you find the right one for you. I cannot say this is the best template but I think it is the best for this blog. I have settled 'temporarily' in previous templates believing that it is the one I am looking for but then it doesn't seem right. I felt that there's still something out there for me (err, this blog I mean!). And after running around using different designs, I finally found it- here's now the look of -Of Limes and Lemons!

And just like in marriage, I wish the best and for it to last!

Please do watch out for my upcoming FIRSTS: MINI ZEST(mini giveaway) and a MAJOR ZEST(major giveaway), they are coming up very very soon!

And please care to visit my new blog My Charmed Mom,and help me build it as well...

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