27 May 2012

Reminiscing College and Renting Textbooks

It has been more than a decade since I attended college. Yes, IT IS that long but the memories are still fresh like it just happened yesterday. I can say that my college life defined the type of the person I am now. Having studied in the country's premier state university, I felt the prestige and the pressure of meeting expectations not only of professors but also of the people around me. We were heralded as "Scholars of the Nation" ("Islokar ng Bayan") but apparently we were not as privileged in terms of the basic necessities we need. As we all know, the government's budget for education is not enough much more to supply students with books to use the whole semester. It was during that time of my life when I discovered the 'real' use of The Library which I visited frequently to read and look for reference books to survive my courses and especially my major. With the meager allowance I had, I was not able to afford any book during the entirety of my college days.

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Fast forward to this day, good thing is that for college students there is now an alternative better solution for all text book problems. College goers have now the option to rent textbooks and enjoy huge savings of up to 40-90% off from bookstore prices. If you are like me, who is fond of putting highlights on books, there won't be any problem because students are allowed to put highlights on their rented books. The renting period is flexible and will be calculated according to the time the student will need it. Worried about shipping? Well, I am glad to say that shipping is FREE both ways. 

The best thing about Campus Book Rentals is that it helps Operation Smile and donates a percentage for every book rented. So for each book you rent you get to help not only yourself but also a cause which goes out a long way. You can go ahead and check out their site for a comparison of the book's prices. Surely if this had been available before I could have taken advantage of this awesome opportunity. You too can save tons of time and money at the same time breeze your college in a sweep.

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