01 May 2012

Goodies for Mommies Giveaway

No one in the world can take the place of your mother. Right or wrong, from her viewpoint you are always right. She may scold you for little things, but never for the big ones. ~Harry Truman

Welcome to Goodies for Mommies Giveaway!

Happy Home and Family Diva Fabulosa\

would like to celebrate Mother's Day by giving 5 lucky mommies some goodies.

There will be 5 package at stake. Each winner will get the following (prizes will be sent separately by the corresponding sponsor)

  • Mama Never Told Me books by Emily Van Do - Retail Value $9.95 each
  • A Choice of What To Expect Books by Heidi Murkoff - Retail Value $ 8.97 - $19.11
  • How to Rock Your Baby - $10.19
  • Dryper's Baby Shirts (For Philippine residents only)
Goodluck Mommies!!

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6 your thoughts here::

DesiredOne said...

Tough one but right now it would be one of my girls to quit college because of man. And I would try to understand but would also explain to them the importance of being an independent woman.

all91707 said...

Right now Its dealing with an attitude but there is also consequences to the attitude too!! Right now its time out but as she gets older I will take things away

Tracy said...

My greatest fear is not having enough patience with my daughter (age 6). How do I deal with it? Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.
Tracy Awalt Juliano

Alicia said...

it would be lack of patience and energy that my child deserves

Sue Sattler said...

My greatest fear was losing one of my children and unfortunately Jan 2, 2011 that fear came true. I lost my 25 year old son to war induced PTSD. I am handling it one day at a time and trying to make sure that my other children don't go into crisis because of this.

Laura Adams said...

My greatest fear is a child of mine dying. I have no idea how I would deal with it but I know it would be a nightmare.

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