24 April 2012

Action Campaign : Moms for Social Good – World Malaria Day

Malaria is an epidemic that takes away a child's life every minute. Indeed a very scary statistic. April 25 is celebrated as World Malaria Day, at the same time it is the kick off for its the campaign #EndMalaria.
Mom Bloggers for Social Good's partner, Malaria No More has teamed up with United Nations Special Envoy for Malaria launched #EndMalaria which is an online and mobile effort to gather donations to buy bed nets that can protect a mother and child from the malaria-transmitting mosquitoes that bite at night. 

You can text to donate, donate online and buy a book that donates a net.

If you want to help out, check out these links :

and if you want to make a direct donation, visit and save a life.

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