17 April 2012

Action Campaign : Moms for Social Good – We Feedback

Many children around the world are deprived of food, much more, of the needed nutrients to support growth and development.  Often than not, we rant over things that we don't have but come to think of it, many people especially children are dying of hunger somewhere else. We are so lucky that our children are privileged to be provided for with their daily needs specifically food. World's hungry children are growing in an uncontrollable quantity that it why it is time for us to make a move. 

Our group, Mom Bloggers for Social Good has launched a new campaign, We Feedback. This campaign calls out for a $1 donation to feed children around the world under the World Food Programme. We can do something about childhood hunger, taking a little step-as little as $1 will definitely go a long way!

If you would like to help, you can donate $1 or more to feed hungry children. Please go to Mom Bloggers for Social Good We Feedback page.

You can also help by spreading the word:

Tweet : @WeFeedback We look forward to working with you to feed hungry children around the world. #SocialGoodMoms

Tweet : $1 feeds four hungry children around the world. Donate to the #SocialGoodMoms @WeFeedback page.

Take note also of the Upcoming Dates:

World Immunization Week : April 21 - 28

Earth Day : April 22

World Malaria Day : April 25

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Maurice.W said...

I'll definitely share this with other mom's with the same problem. Thank you very much.
working moms support group nyc

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