15 February 2012

Classy Home and Lighting

Just like many of you, one of my ultimate dreams as I've mentioned a lot of  times is having our own home. I guess through this, I will  be able to express my personality and style. As they say, our home is the reflection of who we really are, a mirror of how our life is.

We all want a classy home, admit it or not. But sometimes, we usually mistake classy with being expensive but I should say it is not true all the time. Having a classy home is a choice-a lifestyle. For me classy home need not be one adorned with lavish and high-priced furniture or of antiques and all other sorts. A classy home for me is one which is simple yet uncluttered, furnished yet functional. One of the main furnishings or fixtures that I would like to invest on in the future is contemporary lighting. It is like a passive ornamentation but it could add compliment to your space and bring some sophistication to your home. We can compare it to adding jewelry to our wardrobe, which makes our whole style stand out. It separates our home's individuality apart from other homes.

Lighting can be considered a make or break element of interior design. Chandeliers are designed to float in a room as an important part of the decor. We will need to consider the size, strength, style and color of fittings plus the light they emit to achieve the best effect. To make sure that your chandelier is just the perfect size for your home, you will need to consider the following things : the height of your ceiling (higher ceilings demand bigger fixtures), size and shape of any furnishing below it (should complement not overpower anything you plan to suspend it over), the size of the room you are lighting (chandelier should not be too big or too small), and lastly is the form and design of the chandelier.

Many people get exhausted in finding the right lighting suitable for their homes. But for me, I would prefer contemporary chandeliers. They grace your ceiling and unanimously give out natural glow. Aside from that they exhibit natural warmth and elegance, exhibiting a sumptuous appearance of blended sparkling colors. The application of modern lighting within your home can give it a stylish look which will define its character. It is possible to purchase stylish yet contemporary lighting fixtures at reasonable and affordable prices. Who said being classy is expensive?


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