14 February 2012

Promo Deals | Family Cookbook Project

Do you love to cook? I guess most of us in one way or another has tried concocting a recipe in the kitchen, most especially if you're a mom with picky eaters. Sometimes, we also get envious at what we saw in Food Network or at what Martha cooked. At the same time, I know we all love home cooked and traditional recipes that came from Grandma all roots back from way back when.

Just like you, I cannot keep track of all the recipes that I've learned or wanted to learn. It is too tedious to keep all notes and we have the tendency to misplace them when we need it the most. It's a good thing now that there is something that we can do to compile all our favorite recipes into one cookbook which is our own-personalized.

The Family CookBook Project gives us the chance to create and print our own recipes and put them into one cookbook. Perfect gift just in time for Mother's Day and can be considered a family heirloom as well. Creating the cookbook is easy since there's a step-by-step guide provided. Actual value is at $99.00 but with this promotion you can just get it at $39.00 that's 61% discount!

If you want to take advantage of this offer click BUY NOW from the picture above. Promo expires on Feb 28, 2012 so that's approximately 13days to go....

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