09 July 2012

Where Does the Money Go?

Where does the money go? Well, I know for sure this is a question most moms like me ask. Everyday, it becomes harder to budget the expenses and much more to save. So much has been said and done about managing the household expenses so this time, let us look at one important aspect of our homes-saving on energy costs.

Here are some simple tips on how we can lower our energy costs : 
-For every degree you lower the temperature of your home in the cold months, you save 5% on your bill.
-Save on energy costs by making a game of shutting off as many lights in the house as possible
-Also try compact fluorescent bulbs
-Adding extra insulation to your water heater
-Using cold water to wash your clothing and installing a programmable thermostat.
-No need to heat or cool the house when you and the tykes are out and about!

For some there is another option and that is using those using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). LPG this is the abbreviation for liquid petroleum gas currently used by some specialty adapted cars and some domestic central heating systems. In some cases small nitrogen cylinder are used as containers since it is specifically for inert gases in cold weather conditions. While on the other hand, the best argon cylinder is also commonly used  for safety in commercial purposes. LPG is basically propane with other molecules like butane in it. If you're making a product that contains propane, LPG won't work for you. People who use this as fuel gas don't care about the other molecules--you can cook over a propane-butane flame just as well as you can a pure-propane flame.

And to save some on LPG here are some tips :
-Check for leaks. It could be in your regulator, your hoses, or even your burner. With leaks, much of your expenses go to gas that goes up in the air.
-Thaw frozen foods completely before cooking. The heat needed to bring down the food's temperature means using gas.
-When cooking vegetables, do not overcook them. You can add leafy greens to your soups and stews last, stir, cover the pot, then turn off the burner. The heat inside the pot will be enough to cook your leafy greens.
-Do not overcook food. When cooking, watch what you are doing. Don't answer the phone or talk to your neighbor. When you neglect your cooking, you not only waste on gas but also the food that was burned that has become inedible.
-When turning on the burner, make sure that you are ready to cook, meaning your ingredients are all ready at hand. Do not turn on the burn and put oil while you still have to chop the garlic or wash the vegetables while the your pot or pan is already all heated up.


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