29 June 2012

What is your dream house?

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Well I guess everyone has his own dream house, right? But is a known fact that our  house preferences may vary depending on our situation in life and the lifestyle we have. Some who are well off of course would live in extravagant mansions equipped with the state of the art facilities like the ones you will find in Denver luxury real estate. For some a small home is enough.

My husband and I aren't much different from any other couples out there. We have been dreaming of owning a home. We both agree in our desire to have just a simple and  cozy home but we also both know that it's not going to be easy in terms of the financial side. Living in a house smaller than some people's walk-in closets may not be for everyone but for me, it will do as long as it will be enjoyable and not confining. 

Living in a small house will give me less space to clean, lower energy bills and greener environmental footprint. Which will result in to simpler life-one I just wanted. I just want our home to have little garden where I can plant herbs that I can use for cooking (or may also be used for medicinal purposes) and get fresh food anytime. Growing your own vegetable helps you to supplement household food supply and save money on food. It will help increase your intake of vegetables which is good for your health. The time you spend working on it also adds to your exercise regime.
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Aside from these things mentioned, having an outdoor space will also give me more time available for outdoor activities and entertaining most specially during summer. In this case, finding a house suitable to our needs and wants may be difficult thus we might need the help of some agent who will be able to help us look for the home we want. We always see the ads about Denver houses for sale, which are really affordable but the thing is, we really don't want to relocate now. Who knows? Maybe in the future. All we need to do now is look for the small, comfortable home we desire. What about you, what is your dream house?

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